Toby Raine – The last innocent thing left

12 March - 4 April 2021

Toby Raine's powerful lockdown paintings are an ode to childhood and innocence.

Toby Raine is one of the hottest young painters of his generation. His in-your-face, expressive style has graced the walls of collectors both here and overseas - each show practically selling out. 

So I'm really excited and honoured to have a show of powerful - yet sensitive - new work by Toby at the gallery during March and early April.

Lockdown was tough for Toby for so many reasons, and he took solace and comfort in the place he knew best; his home painting studio. Working from this basement, he has produced what I believe are some of his most beautiful and tender paintings to date - with the focus largely on his young stepdaughter, Irene. 

The subject matter is homely and intimate, and follows the at-home discoveries of a young child exploring in the garden, talking with her cat, playing and chattering at home, all the time shielded from the raging fury of a global pandemic. 

Yet these paintings are by no means clichéd or benign. Instead, they are pure, bold expressions of the unrelenting will of human beings to push against times of despair, hopelessness, and fear.