Patricia Piccinini

13 February - 10 March 2021

One of the world's most fascinating artists – showing in New Zealand for the first time in over a decade.

Patricia Piccinini is one of the most popular - and controversial - artists in the world. She has had over 55 solo shows in the past 13 years including Brazil (where over 1.2 million visitors came to see her show), USA, Germany, UK, Finland, Australia, Sweden, Slovenia, Ireland, Lithuania and now…. Ponsonby/Grey Lynn!


Patricia's work can be confronting, engaging, touching and deeply emotional - and for this carefully selected New Zealand show (her first in over a decade) Scott Lawrie has worked with the artist to select a broad range of highlights for his gallery show, including her famous 'Teenage Metamorphosis' from 2017, which he says is not to be missed.


"We've been working on this show for about two years. Patricia is held in such high regard around the world, it's hard to pin the actual artwork down for a show as it's always on the move to major international institutional shows. But true to her word, she helped make it happen. It's a real win for New Zealand."


Known for her imaginative, yet strangely familiar, ultra-lifelike chimera works (human/animal hybrids), Piccinini invites us to think about our place in a world where advances in biotechnology and digital technologies are challenging the boundaries of humanity.

Patricia is excited to share her work to a New Zealand audience in this show and explains, "I love showing to New Zealand audiences, as they're open to quite confronting work. Yet connection and empathy are at the heart of my practice. My creatures are imaginary beings that are almost possible. They are not always traditionally beautiful, but they have a beauty and honesty within them. They are more vulnerable than threatening. I'm also excited to show some of my most recent drawings, which are an important part of my practice."