Rupert Herring

Working almost entirely with found timber, Rupert's attitude to his material of choice is upliftingly honest. "I see wonder and potential far deeper than surface appearance and often completely detached from the material's original use. As such, my work oscillates along a delicate line between sculpture and furniture."

In a world where throw-away is taken for granted and choice is paramount, the limitation of using what is pre-used and sustainable is very liberating. It's a cliché, of course, but it's truthful to say that Rupert's work seems to come from within; the people that have surrounded him, the experiences in his life and the influences he has been subjected to. They are all contributing factors to his practice.

Rupert grew up immersed in the abundant nature of the New Forest in southern England. From an early age he was encouraged to explore the skills and art of working with wood by several remarkable and inspiring teachers. From those tentative beginnings he gradually gained the experience, and confidence, to tackle a range of substantial projects on his own, each one seemingly more challenging and thought provoking than the last.

"I believe that art and contemporary design are evolutionary processes. I'm interested in examining the blurred lines between function and form, exploring the common ground between "art", as in sculpture, and "utility", as in for example, an article of furniture. I think that a good sculpture should impart meaning both to its viewers and to its location, and therefore it has its own inherent purpose."

As well as New Zealand, Rupert's work has been purchased by collectors around the world, including San Francisco, New York, London, Hong Kong and Dubai.