Patricia Piccinini Sierra Leone, b. 1964

"I am interested in relationships: the relationship between the artificial and the natural, between humans and the environment. The relationships between beings, within families and between strangers. And the relationship between the audience and the artwork." - Patricia Piccinini.
Patricia's work is never about one thing alone, it is always about a family or an ecosystem. Even when a creature is alone, there is a relationship with the viewer. It presents us with moments where world's collide; the world that exists just beyond the real world we live in. It is strange, but familiar at the same time. It exists as moments, objects and images that overlap with the real world - but in a gallery space.
This is a world where things mix and intermingle, where nothing stays in its place. It is a world where animal, plant, machine and human unite and commingle. A place where have to ask ourselves, if it is so hard to figure out where one thing starts and another ends, can we really continue to believe in the barriers that separate us?
In a world where the cultural and the natural - the technological and organic - are ever more intermingled, Patricia's work is timely and important.
Patricia Piccinini's international career is long and varied. With over 40 major solo shows in the last decade alone, she has shown her work in Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Canada, USA, Slovenia, Brazil, Taiwan, Ireland, UK, Korea, Spain, Japan, Peru, the Philippines, Finland and Denmark.

Her 2016 touring show in Brazil was seen by over 1million people - making it one of the most popular exhibitions in the world according to the Art Newspaper.

 Patricia was chosen to represent Australia in the Australian Pavilion at the 50th Venice Biennale - one of the highest accolades an artist can receive.

She lives and works in Melbourne, Australia with her husband, Peter Hennessey, and their two children.