Cruz Jimenez USA, b. 1967

At first, Cruz's works seem seductive and readily accessible. But the truth is that they are often layered in deeper person history and meaning so it becomes almost alchemical in nature - referencing moments in time that are juxtaposed, forged and sampled together to form a highly personalised visual language.


Cruz doesn't give away much about the 'meaning' of his works, preferring them to speak to the viewer on a more subjective level. But there are often historical references. Gentle references to nature. Cosmological curiosity. Playful blurring of lines. And recurring motifs from, we suspect, the mists of his historical experience. 


As one critic recalled, "As well as being a mystic Jimenez is also a romantic, and he has always sought inspiration in nature, in his family, and in the small pleasures of the everyday. He is full of love and gratitude, and that generosity of spirit is what makes his work so viscerally engaging for viewers - he pours all of himself into and onto them, and no series more candidly than this one." 


We are pleased to welcome him to Scott Lawrie Gallery as a represented artist.