Monique Lacey New Zealand, b. 1970

It is no accident that Monique crushes most of her work with her body. A physical manifestation of the rejection of so much which has isolated and marginalised women artists for entire millennia. Yet there is there little angst, and often lots of witty humour, in these works, which stand alone as mini monuments to a fusion of Baroque and Minimalism.

Teasing the line between sculpture, architecture and painting, these sublime, yet powerful works can seem like relics from a lost civilisation (perhaps ours?) and quiet physical manifestations of protest. 


Monique's work often pares back the viewer experience so we only witness the crushed remnants of conscious thought, superficial surface markings, and a history unknown. Yet these sublime statements have a presence that is indelible, joyful even. Often with a wry nod to significant political events like Brexit, Trump and human tragedy - as well as the 'established' history of art in itself. 


Monique's next major solo show at Scott Lawrie Gallery will be in the second half of 2021.